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Quite a while ago, I wrote about “Something to Miss“, going line by line into what each of the phrases mean in that song. I asked if there were any other songs you’d like to know more about, and this was one of them:
“Meet Me in the Wildwood”.

This is a new song that only a few of you have heard which gave me an idea… In the next few weeks, before Leavin’ Home is released, I’m going to introduce a few songs that will be on the album.

So here’s a little bit about “Meet Me in the Wildwood”.

The Characters:
The Sun, the Moon, Sandman, and you.

The Plot:
The Sun and the Moon are meeting to tell each other the stories they’ve watched throughout the day and night respectively. The Sun gets to watch all of the daring adventurers by day and the Moon gets to stay up and watch Sandman sail over towns by night; however, both the Sun and the Moon long to hear about the other half of the day. This is where you come in. They’re inviting you to the wildwood to tell them stories they’ve never heard.

One Line:
“Sandman sails Cerulean across the midnight sky….”
When I was little, one of my favorite books was “Ship of Dreams” by Dean Morrissey. It’s all about a boy who ends up on the deck of the sandman’s ship. From the first time reading that book and studying the beautiful illustrations, that’s how I’ve always imagined the sandman to travel. In this song, that was the image I was picturing–Sandman sailing a ship by the name of Cerulean in the moonlight.

When I wrote this song, I was longing to seize the day. To make the most of simple adventures. To have stories to tell and someone anxious to listen. To put stock in dreams. And this longing is infused into the song. It was SO much fun to record this song that it has changed the sound I’ve looked for since.

Can’t wait for you to hear it soon.


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  • NanJ says:

    I love getting some insight into this song, Brittany! Thanks for sharing!
    I’m SO excited about your soon-to-be-released new album! Keep us posted!

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