Leavin’ Home Update

Hey all!

There are quite a few things on the Before-You-Release-An-Album Checklist, and I am joyfully close to the bottom of that list. Two of the last big things are getting the album mastered and creating the album design.

After all the recording work is complete, I have to get the songs mastered. The people who master the album are my fresh sets of ears. They meticulously go through each song and make all of the different sound and instrument levels uniform across the entire album. Once they’re done, they send me a proof to either approve or reject. For “Leavin’ Home”, I caught something in one of the songs (it sounded like one of the musicians accidentally bumped a string), and getting that taken care of delayed our progress a bit. However, it’s worth it to wait on worthy delays.

Designing the album is one of my favorite parts. I worked with Evan Walker (he designed the artwork for “Whispered Stories”), and once again I’m thrilled with what he put together. After writing, editing, proof-reading, and editing again, it’s so satisfying to see the booklet and the front and back covers. To see the physical album taking shape. Evan helped create the perfect setting, and I can’t wait for you to be able to look through it yourself.

Shortly, everything will be submitted and in the production company’s hands, and we are that much closer to launch!

I will have a date for you very, very soon!!


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