Album Update

In my last post, I said that if all went smoothly, my second album would be coming out in November.

Well, it’s December, and I’ve got some explainin’ to do.

A few stories short, this album has been long in the making, and I don’t want to rush these final stages. So, I’m going to push the date a bit and make sure that ‘Album 2’ is put together and finished as it should be. I’m heading back to Nashville in a week and a half to fine-tune a couple songs. When I’m in the studio, each song is brand new, and sometimes I get swept away and miss the feel I was going for or a certain note or line and don’t realize it until days or weeks later… So thankfully, I have this chance to polish up a few things and make these songs perfect. There are also many production details that I want to get just right–we’ve worked hard on this record, I want it to be the very best it can be!  So…

‘Album 2’ will be coming out in February!


I’m sorry for the wait and the changing deadlines, but know that I’m very anxious to get these new songs to you!


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