Leavin’ Home | Album Release

Album Release Day! I’ve been looking forward to this day for about a year and a half!

Leavin’ Home is available now at BJeanMusic.com!

Leavin’ Home
is my second album comprised of ten original songs (including hit single “Wildfire”) and two cover songs (one from the legendary Gordon Lightfoot and a classic from Ian Tyson–both being all-time favorites of mine). From songs about small-town days to songs about trying to find wild horses, the feel of this album is a little different than Whispered Stories. For most of these songs, I asked the musicians for an acoustic setup, bringing a new kind of life to our sound. I hope you love the difference as much as I do! Featuring the guitar, the fiddle, and the dobro, it was a lot of fun singing in the studio with my very own Union Station.

There’s a lot of love and time that went into the creation of this record, and I hope you love it. I hope it encourages you–lifts your spirit, and I hope you find new favorites on this album.


P.S. I’m having a livestream hangout tonight at 5:30 PM (Pacific Time)! If you want to check it out, the link to the livestream will be posted on my Facebook page at 4:30! :)

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  • David Lindseth says:

    Just met you at Public Market in Wenatchee. Thanks for Gordon Lightfoot, and, the first verse of Early Morning Rain. You sing beautifully and polished, still natural and seemingly without effort. Your dad (?) said the lyric in that song about being in the airport “drunk and stoned as I could be” is not his thing.” Fair enough, he also said he’s been trying to get you to learn that song for years. Any chance? Thanks you Brittany.

    • Brittany Jean says:

      Hey! Thank you so much! It was very nice to meet you!

      I love so many of Gordon Lightfoot’s songs… I’ve listened to his music my whole life growing up. It’s actually amazing (in a sad way) how familiar I am with his music but only know bits and pieces off the top of my head from so many of his songs.
      He’s a fantastic songwriter–and some of his very best songs are the lesser known ones!
      Shadows, Minstrel of the Dawn, Christian Island, Too Late for Prayin’, The Pony Man… Absolutely beautiful songwriting.

      Yeah, “as cold and drunk as I can be”…

      My dad and I have talked about this a few times (with other songs)…
      When I recorded Someday Soon by Ian Tyson, I decided to change one word in the song. The biggest reason was simply because I don’t talk “that way” in my real life, so I wasn’t going to sing or record it “that way” either. Another reason was because I knew if I recorded it with the original wording, my nieces (who are my biggest fans in the world) would not be allowed to listen to it (not that it’s horrible, it just wouldn’t be appropriate for their young ears); and I didn’t like the idea that there could be a song of mine hidden from them for that reason–or the idea that my sisters or brothers would skip it when playing the album in their cars. Know what I mean?

      I always strive to be family-friendly–I always have young people in the audience, and I never want parents to be nervous about what I might sing or say next. So if I can’t easily change words I have a problem with without being distracting and without losing the story, then I won’t sing it.

      That’s not to say I’ll never sing Early Morning Rain (sometimes I do break my own “rules”), but I haven’t come up with a way to sing it yet.

      I’m not trying to preach, but since I wasn’t part of your conversation, I wanted to respond, myself. :)

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