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Brittany Jean is a singer/songwriter in the Pacific Northwest, currently living in the tiny, apple town of Brewster, WA. Brittany grew up in West Chicago, IL, and her interest in music started at a very young age–piano and voice lessons, children’s choirs, youth group bands, youth theater…. And she started seriously writing songs when she was sixteen. Discovering she liked singing her own stories instead of the ones written for characters in plays, she found her passion in songwriting.

Brittany Jean stepped into a recording studio for the first time in October 2012, and her first album was released in September 2013 (“Whispered Stories”). “Whispered Stories” was completed with the help of fans, and that made her debut album even more special to Brittany.

After Whispered Stories was released, Brittany moved two thousand miles west to Washington where she started performing live. Performances ranging from farmers’ markets sidewalks and outdoor cafes to concerts in theaters and resorts, she’s sung all over Washington. In 2016, Brittany started branching out-of-state to sing in Nashville, TN, and Orange Beach, AL. “I’ve met so many wonderful people as I’ve traveled, and meeting you guys is one of my absolute favorite things!”

In November and December 2016, Brittany Jean completed a solo 4-Concert Tour in Leavenworth, Chelan, Twisp, and Winthrop, WA, to help raise funds for the continuing Wildfire Recovery Effort on behalf of the Carlton and Okanogan Complex Recovery Group.

Though far from the central hub of country music, Brittany has been able to travel back and forth to Nashville, TN, to record in a city and studio she loves. Recording days at Hilltop are some of Brittany’s favorite days (ever), and she’s had the opportunity to work with some of the best musicians in the business, such as Jeff King, Joel Key, Danny Parks, Scotty Sanders, Aubrey Haynie… The list goes on. Brittany is always amazed by what the musicians do with her songs.

Brittany Jean’s second album (“Leavin’ Home”) was released on March 11th, 2016. From songs about small-town days to songs about trying to find wild horses, there is a more acoustic feel to this album than “Whispered Stories”, and Brittany hopes fans love the difference as much as she does!

“Leavin’ Home” includes Brittany’s song “Wildfire” which was written in response to her first-hand experience during the Carlton Complex Wildfires of 2014 (the largest wildfires in Washington State history at the time). This song was a centerpiece for the fundraising effort of the Carlton Complex Longterm Recovery Group, whose purpose is to rebuild the 300+ homes that were lost that summer of 2014.

“Leavin’ Home” also includes Brittany Jean’s song “Adventure”, which was nominated for the Independent Music Awards in the category for Bluegrass Song of the Year in 2016!

Brittany returned to Nashville in October 2016 to begin work on her third album (which is scheduled for release in October 2017), and it is going to be her best album yet!

“I cannot wait for you guys to hear this album! I’ve been pouring my heart into the writing process, and my time in the studio is spent carefully to get every note as beautiful as we possibly can–I can’t wait for you to hear it!”

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